International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Portland, Oregon




1 1/2 cups Pastry flour

1/2 cup rice flour (if you want crispier jalebi then put in more rice flour- may be 1 cup)

1/2 tsp yeast

Little food color-preferably orange

oil for deep frying

Jaggery Syrup

Jaggery Cubes


Mix all the ingredients in warm water and let the batter rest for 1/2 hour.

You can get the empty plastic bottles from Cash& Carry or use other plastic jugs for pouring the jalebi batter. Make small holes in the lid and you are good to go. This will allow you to make the batter swirls. If you need more clarification on this please let me know. Fry the jalebi.

Jaggery Syrup
Melt jaggery cubes in approximately 1/2 cup water. Strain this and add more water.
Boil until you get a thick, syrupy, consistency. Add Cardamom power. Soak the cooked jalebis in syrup.

Contributed by ShyamRaas devi dasi