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The Sunday Feast

Every Sunday, devotees gather at Hare Krishna Temples around the world for the Sunday Feast. The Sunday Feast was started by our founder-acarya, Srila Prabhupada, in 1966 on the Lower East Side of New York. Srila Prabhupada cooked alongside the devotees, creating a dozen exotic vegetarian preparations each week, including puris (deep fried bread), chutney (sweet and spicy side dish), subjis (vegetable dishes), rice, raita (vegetables in cool yogurt) pakoras (battered and friend vegetables), halavah (sweet wheat pilaf), sweet rice, and many other items. Hundreds of interested persons would come for class, kirtan, and the prasadam of the opulent feast offered to Krishna. By the 1970's, Krishna temples had spread to cities around the world, and the Sunday Feast tradition continued.


In Portland/Hillsboro, the feast is prepared by devotees on a rotating schedule of volunteers. Some items may be prepared at home, and some in the temple. The feast generally consists of rice, one or two vegetable dishes, a dal (soup from dried beans), a dessert, and perhaps a beverage, chutney, or a special treat.

Recipes for many preparations can be found in the Recipes section.


Sunday Feast Schedule
11:00 a.m. - Kirtan
11:30 - Class/Q&A
12:15 – Announcements
12:30 - Aarti 
1:00 - Prasadam
Sunday School: 11:30 to 12:30

For directions to the temple, please see Visit the Temple.

There are volunteer opportunities for cooking, cleaning, serving, and sponsoring both the Sunday Feasts and special events. Please contact info@iskconportland.com if you think you might like to help.