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Sunday School

The quality of children's lives and character is a major concern for parents. Children take their experiences into their hearts, and these experiences form their character. Without proper character, knowledge can be destructive to self and society. The aim of Sunday School is to provide a loving environment where students are nourished with care and devotion. We look forward to serving your children, providing them with a Krsna conscious education, and most of all helping them along the path to Krsna Bhakti.

Through a lively blend of art, stories, scripture, dramas and games, children are immersed in Vaisnava spiritual wisdom and culture. Each session focuses on one devotional topic, and also includes a group cultural presentation such as a drama or musical program. Students explore their topic through drawing, painting, collage, drama and music. For festivals, children prepare and perform dramas for the congregation and guests. The last class of each session is a fun activity, which all Sunday School age groups do together. At the end of each session, each child gets a completion certificate, and the children share what they learned during the session with the congregation.

The sweetest goal of Vaishnava Sunday School is imparting holistic education to children to aid in the development of their character and personality. Children build long-lasting, Krsna-conscious friendships based on a shared desire to love and serve Krsna.

Bhakti Library

The Bhakti Library is open to all currently registered Sunday School students. The library is open every Sunday from 7:00 - 7:30 p.m. Each child is issued his or her own library card, which they must present for checking out books.

A refundable $20 deposit is required when children sign up for library cards. In the event of a checked-out book being lost or damaged, this deposit will cover replacement costs. Upon withdrawing from library use, this fee will be returned in full if the account is clear.

Sunday School Schedule

Classes are from 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM every Sunday. Sessions are as follows:

Children spend July and August preparing Janmastami cultural presentations (dance, drama, musical programs, and artwork).

Age Groups


Free to all the students.

Special Events

Project Prasadam
In the Sunday School's December fund raiser, the children wrap home-made cookies, laddus, caramels, and other sweets for sale. The gift plates make beautiful gifts and help bring Krishna's mercy to relatives, friends, and coworkers during the holiday season.

Krishna Conscious Costume Party
In the fall, there is a Krishna Conscious Costume Party, with carnival games and treats. Children are encouraged to dress as a character from the Vedic Scriptures.

Ratha Yatra
Sunday School Ratha Yatra is held at the end of June. Children decorate the Ratha cart and promenade Lords Jagannath, Baladeva, and Subhadra through the temple neighborhood while performing kirtan.


Current Session Information

Questions? Please email:

541 368 7107

Thank you for your continued support.

With love and gratitude,
your servants,
the Sunday School Teachers